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Discover a Unique Study Abroad Journey With FES India

At Fragomen Educational Services (FES), an integral part of Fragomen India, we transcend the conventional role of an educational consultancy. Operating collaboratively with esteemed education institutions, student recruitment platforms and other service providers, our goal is to empower students.

When individuals choose FES, they are not just selecting a supportive partner; they are choosing the assurance of a brand synonymous with excellence in collaboration with various stakeholders. FES is committed to streamlining the application process, from the initial consultation to settling in the international destination. With FES, students benefit from our unwavering commitment to nurturing their dreams and turning them into a remarkable reality.

Embrace a World of Educational Possibilities Across Continents

FES supports students in their study abroad journey with a diverse array of destination choices, each providing unique opportunities and experiences. Explore where their aspirations can take them:







New Zealand

And Many More Countries…

Our Counseling Process

The path to international education excellence starts here

Tailored Program
Recommendations via Eligibility Assessment

One-on-One Course

Comprehensive Exam Coaching

LOI and SOP Guidance

Customized Application Assistance

Visa & Pre-departure Support

Our Services

At FES, we envision a world where geographical boundaries do not limit educational opportunities.

Our mission at FES is to empower students to broaden their horizons, achieve their academic goals and unlock their potential through international education.

We do this by:

  • Continuously evolving to meet changing demands in courses and universities
  • Providing personalized career counseling
  • Establishing strong partnerships with renowned institutions
  • Offering superior language test training courses
  • Guiding students through the application and visa process
  • Building a strong alumni network to assist new students

Diversity and Inclusion Commitment

At FES, we champion diversity and inclusivity in education. Our mission is to ensure equal access to international educational opportunities for all students, regardless of their background. We value the unique cultures, perspectives and experiences our students bring and are committed to supporting their overseas academic and personal success.


Consider the academic and career goals. It is recommended to do research on institutions known for the preferred field of study and assess factors like location, living expenses and cultural fit.

This varies by country and institution. It involves submitting academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose and proof of language proficiency. We recommend consulting our team for personalized guidance.

Explore scholarships, grants, and financial aid offered by educational institutions or external organizations. Our consultants can guide you on financial planning.

Most institutions require proof of English proficiency. Taking exams like IELTS or TOEFL is a common way to demonstrate this. We offer assistance with preparation and information on testing centers.

We offer a comprehensive support for the visa application process. Get guidance on required documents, interview preparation and ensuring compliance with immigration regulations.

Being prepared for cultural adaptation is crucial. We offer pre-departure orientations, cultural integration tips and ongoing support.

Regulations vary by country and bringing family members may have specific requirements. We can help check the relevant information on family sponsorship options and guidance on necessary processes.

One can explore post-graduation work permits, internship programs and potential employment opportunities in the chosen field. We can provide insights into this post-graduation landscape.

We offer personalized guidance and help streamlining the application process, offer assistance with visa requirements and provide essential pre-departure preparations.

It is recommended to start at least 6-12 months before the intended start date. This allows ample time to choose the right institution, application procedures and visa processing.

Our post-arrival support includes assistance with settling into accommodation. We host orientation programs and offer guidance on local amenities. We also offer ongoing support throughout the duration of the studies.